Our Services

Buteyko Institute Method

All our practitioners were trained to teach the Buteyko Institute Method at the Buteyko Institute for Breathing and Health (BIBH  www.buteyko.info ).

The Buteyko Institute Method is taught in a programme over six weeks and consisting of four 60 to 90-minute sessions in the first week of the programme and two or more follow-up sessions. Individualised breathing exercises and lifestyle guidelines focus on nasal breathing, correct use of the breathing muscles, and achieving a normal breathing rate, rhythm and volume. There are targeted programmes for adults, school age children and athletes. Group sizes are small and the programme is also taught on a one-on-one basis in person or via Skype.  

Breathing Habit Analysis

A breathing habit analysis is an assessment of breathing habits, their triggers and effects on health and performance. Contrary to common knowledge, breathing habits with their associated triggers, motivations and reinforcements are unique to each person. Shifting entrenched habits will require a deeper understanding for the client which this session provides.

An analysis session will take approximately 90 minutes. Biofeedback instrumentation is used to make breathing habits visible and recordable on screen. The practitioner will guide you through this safe and interesting process of discovery.

Biofeedback-based Breathing Retraining

The objective of biofeedback-based breathing retraining is for clients to adopt healthy breathing habits that are in place 24/7 without conscious effort. Using concepts of behavioural science coupled with biofeedback instrumentation, clients unlearn dysfuncational breathing habits and adopt functional habits.

All sessions are one-on-one, scheduled as suits. Between 5 and 10 sessions are usually required for effective breathing retraining in this way.